The Sensory Center for Kindergarten!

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Ok, I have to admit something,  planning kindergarten centers can be a struggle. I have 12-16 different centers in my classroom. One of the centers, I have always had in my kindergarten classroom is the sensory center.  This is a center in kindergarten that frequently changes.

I have always started off the school year with cutting.  I have scraps of paper and cutting strips for students to use, and they do enjoy it.  However, the remainder of the school year, I have always felt stuck. I was struggling to come up with new ideas. In order, to make the sensory area in my classroom fun, I knew I had to find a solution. Luckily, I have discovered a way to make my sensory area the number one center choice for my class. And guess what? You can too!The-Ulimate-Sensory-Bin-Toolkit

If you are struggling with your sensory center,

I have something for you!

Amanda from Sparkling in Primary has created the Ultimate Sensory Box.  The answer to my sensory center was here! My first box arrived in January and was jammed packed with so many activities; that it quickly became the most popular center during center time.  Included in the Ultimate Sensory box was a book, penguin finger puppets, filler, trees, water pond(blue oval), snow slide (white), as well as a ton of math and literacy activities.  Here are some of the fun ideas my students came up with. They love the creative play with the penguin puppets, I must say they were definitely enjoying this!

Everything is included!

Included in the box is a guide with everything you need. Lesson plans, completed, WIN! Amanda includes all the math and literacy cards too you will need for every lesson.  I was able to have an instant center up and ready to go in minutes. Time saver for sure! This was one of the literacy activities, building CVC words with letter beads, they were practicing their phonics skills by building words.


My second box did not disappoint.  I know my students would have loved it, had we been in school.  In this box, there are the most adorable little bunnies and carrots.  The book included this month is, Too Many Carrots.  Who doesn’t love that book? Each box contains lesson plans with math and literacy activities as students are learning through play.  One adorable piece is the box with sand, your students will enjoy helping the bunny plant his carrots.  This is great for imaginative play.

One of the math activities included in the spring Ultimate Sensory Box are the word story problems, this is great for students to practice math facts! I love the carrots to use as counters. I will say this is one of my favorite math activities.

Where will I keep this?

Everything is included in this box. There is even a large bag to store all the pieces in and place back into the box. Easy storage, easy set up, and a time saver! Can I tell you how much this has made my life easier in planning out my weekly/monthly centers? It really has and my students absolutely love it. There are many literacy and math activities from measuring to graphing, retelling to vocabulary, your students will adore the sensory center.

The best part of these boxes is many children can use them, young kids like preschool all the way to 2nd grade.  I do think some second graders would get a kick out of this.

And it is perfect for moms to use at home with their children too, especially since we are all at home now!

Special discount for the Ultimate Sensory Box:

I have a discount code for you to save 10% on your Ultimate Sensory Box.  Use code: readingwaves and save 10%.


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