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  • sorting mats for attribute blocks
  • color mats to focus on color sorting
  • shape and size mats to focus on 2 attributes
  • button sorting sheets


Kindergarten students will classify different objects into categories: shape, size, and color. Understanding size, color, and shape are skills taught in kindergarten.

Using attribute mats can help students to organize their thinking when they are sorting different math manipulatives by identifying sizes, naming shapes, and describing similarities and differences.

Included in this resource are:

*sorting mats for attribute blocks

in red, yellow, and blue, as well as rectangles, triangles, squares, hexagons, and

* color mats to focus on color sorting. In full size sheets and half size sheets.

* shape and size mats to focus on 2 attributes.

*button sorting sheets: shiny/dull, smooth/rough, 2 hole/4 hole, 0 hole, 2 hole, 4 hole.

whole size sheets to sort buttons

*3 printable worksheets sort by color, size, and shape. Use as pre & post assessment.

Mats can be used with a variety of manipulatives, bears, cubes, buttons and much more.

Print and laminate multiple copies for students to use.

Great for introduction of sorting by attributes. Use for morning bins, small group, intervention, math workshop, independent work, or partner work.


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