Teaching kids positive affirmations to say everyday.

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Positive affirmations to say everyday.

Teaching kids positive affirmations to say everyday will benefit them now and throughout their life.  Why is this important? Why do we need to teach positive self-talk? When we use positive self-talk daily, our thoughts are cemented into our subconscious.  We, as teachers, can facilitate positive self-talk for our students.

Did you know when you begin a statement with “I am” whatever follows will be brought into your life? Some refer to this as self-fulfilling prophecy, we become our thoughts.  Think about it, have you ever told yourself something would be hard or difficult and it was?  Have you ever wanted to believe you could do something and you did.  Your thoughts are creating your life. Positive affirmations can help guide your desires.

Teaching children the power of I am.

An important book to read is My Magical Words by Becky Cummings. This book is a great introduction for young children to be introduced to the understanding of the words, I am. (affiliate link)


Coming up with a list of affirmations such as I am smart, I am brave, I am kind, I am responsible, or I am helpful are positive ways for children to view themselves.

As adults we can help children with their self-talk at a young age.  If they make a mistake, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.  Do you remember a time when you were young and did something and afterwards you felt completely awful?  You played the tape over and over again, cementing it in your subconscious. What if we could help our children/students with this?  What if we could teach them to say positive thoughts versus negative thoughts?  We can teach them our thoughts create our reality, our thoughts help shape us. Children need to hear positive thoughts from the adults in their lives as well as themselves. We can teach children how to do this by using positive affirmations everyday.

 When to teach positive affirmations to say everyday?

Morning meeting is a great time of day to teach this important skill to kids.  I always start my morning meeting with I am statements. You can too!


Using the teaching resource positive affirmations for your classroom,  you can teach this concept to your children/students. You will have posters to write and inspire morning meeting discussions for 10 key I am statements. As well as an editable speech bubble for students to create their own I am statements.

At school, create a bulletin board for your class.  At home, place on your frig, bathroom mirrors, your child’s bedroom. Refer to the affirmations each morning and night. You can help your child develop their self-talk skills by using positive affirmations.


Use Affirmation Posters everyday in the classroom!

Another resource to use is I am posters. Print out the positive posters to say everyday in your classroom.


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