Changing your life by Transforming your Resources.

June 6, 2019

Are you wanting to learn how to create your own teaching resources to sell or are you an experienced seller? I would like to personally invite you to become part of an experience that will impact your teaching life. Come join the training and get ready to learn how changing your life by transforming your resources will bring you joy.

Changing your life!

Hi, I am Patti from Reading Waves. I started my educational journey over 20 years ago. I have always taught and worked with young children. As a teacher, one of the joys I have is being creative. Since, I am a kindergarten teacher, I change my weekly themes every week, well sometimes I do keep the same theme for two weeks, but that is not always the case. I do change things up frequently.

In kindergarten, play is very important and I incorporate a lot of different centers in my classroom. One of the ways I keep the centers fresh is to have new games and activities for the students to engage with and learn. I started to create my own pocket chart activities and I began sharing them with my team mates. Since then, I have grown to create math, writing, decor, and many other items. I am so excited to have my own resources which I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I am able to help teachers and students all over the world. I am changing my life through transforming my resources!

Changing your life. How I was able to change my life with this free video series.

Creating resources for the pocket chart center is so much fun. I have found a creative outlet that I truly enjoy. I love the process from thinking of the idea, to selecting the clip art, to coming up with a final product. But, I have to admit I had no idea on how to market. What is marketing? How do I do this?


Well, there is an answer. Would you like to know? There is a free video series by Kayse Morris and she can and will teach you how. I know because she has taught me how to transform my resources which has allowed me in changing my life.

I have learned many strategies that have helped me. One is marketing. Kayse will teach tips on how to market your resources, this was something I was missing and now I have learned.

Another way, in changing my life is all the other teacherperneurs I have met and I can call my friends. This is the most supportive groups of women I have met. I love all of the positivity.

Since this course, I have updated my TPT store, I have learned the correct way to Instagram, (did you even know there was a correct way?), increased my Pinterest, started a Facebook page and started my own website/blog. I am changing my life; all thanks to a southern girl, named Kayse Morris.

Are you ready to begin Transforming your Resources?

There are 4 free videos in all and there is a ton of information in those videos. I invite you to join the training, in changing your life by transforming your resources. Click the photo below to start!





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