7 Teacher must haves for the new teacher!

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Congratulations on landing your first teaching job!!! No matter what grade you teach, K-5 there are some items you will want to purchase. Here are 7 teacher must haves for the new teacher!

After teaching for many years, there are a few essential items you truly need when starting out. We are not trying to break the bank here, just get the basics. Cause it is easy to want to buy ALL the things and truly we do not need ALL the things.

Here’s a list of the 7 teacher must haves for new teachers:

One item you need as a new teacher are dry erase sleeves. These can double as a dry erase board and save you on making copies-use them at your teacher table for multiple student use. Note, erasers are great too buy, but you can use tissues, socks, or even the little makeup rounds from the dollar store. And only use the Expo markers in black, some colors, like red, do not erase well.

Second item you need is double sided tape, trust me, get lots of it.  Making donut holes with tape takes too much time. We want fast and efficient.

Third item you need are bins and containers. There are so many places that sell these, get the cheapest ones you can fine-dollar store or target have great ones.  Plan out what you will use the bins for before you buy them, one definitely is a turn in bin you will need a place to collect student work, oh and one for notes too.  I always like having bins at each academic center to hold their center work. I would suggest at least 6 to start.

Fourth item is a good pair of scissors. Get a comfortable pair, you will be cutting out a lot of things and you need a sharp and comfortable pair.

Fifth item, if you don’t have a circut, get pre-cut letters. This helps when decorating and labeling your room.

Sixth item-this one is totally optional but get your favorite pen, are you team flair or gel?  Plus, Get Mr. Sketch markers too, they are great for anchor charts.

Seventh item you need to have for your room are magnet rounds and magnet hooks.  I use these for so many things. The magnet rounds are the best peel and stick around!

Now there are many more items you will need for your first classroom, however these 7 must haves are a definite buy. Some areas where you can just use the basics are like file folders, yes there are pretty ones, but just use the manila ones the school gives. Before you go shopping, check with your school first to see what items they will supply.  A lot of times they will have post its, a planner, staples, stapler, sentence strips, pencil sharpener and other office supplies. Also, ask about funds from the PTO or PTA, many will reimburse teachers for items spent, save your receipts.

Before you go shopping make a list and don’t get sucked into buying what is cute and trendy, I know we have all been there.  Questions to ask, what is the purpose? How will it benefit me? How will it benefit my students? Is this a necessity or just a fun want? Can I wait a month or two, do I need this NOW?

Next is to divide up your classroom purchases into categories, here are a few ideas:

  1. Teacher desk items/teacher table items
  2. Classroom decor
  3. Organization

When planning our your list of items to buy, also plan the store too. The dollar store is a teacher’s best friend, target and amazon are great too for sale items. Three other places to look for classroom items are goodwill, yard sales and children’s consignment shops. Also, don’t feel pressured to buy everything your first year. Think of it as a long term plan and just get the basics your first year, if you truly feel you need something, wait and get it in November or December, or even wait until the next school year. Spread out what you buy and if it’s truly not necessary, you probably don’t need it. Make sure to add these 7 must haves for new teachers to your list. The beginning of the school year is so exciting and here’s to not breaking the bank!



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